25 Sep 2013

An Introduction to Meditation – A Donation Class this Saturday, September 28th at Noon

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You think differently when you meditate… You feel different… You treat people differently.
It’s hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it, but it is really cool.
The problem is this: “If you’ve never done any meditating before, how do you get started..?”

24 Sep 2013

Meet Cassie – Our newest instructor at The Studio Yoga

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We’d like to take a moment to welcome our newest instructor, Cassie Little. A recent transplant from Oklahoma, Cassie brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her teaching, and a personal drive to better the lives of others through yoga. We’ll let her own words speak for her: “Yoga found me in 2008… I was […]

9 Sep 2013

Student info, Facebook and a sincere thank you.

Hi everybody! Here’s a quick update on our progress making The Studio Yoga a better experience for you: – If you didn’t already get a call, Jennephyr and Jared are going to be making calls to every student file we have. We’re just making sure we update your information and answer any questions you have. […]

2 Sep 2013

3 Upcoming Changes to The Studio Yoga

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Upcoming Changes (site, calendar, etc) There are three things we want you to know: The first is that we’re going to improve and increase our communication with you. There is a lot we can do to help you with your practice both in and out of the studio, and we want to make sure you’re fully supported […]

2 Sep 2013

Survey Results

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We asked… You answered… We listened. We sent out hundreds of surveys to The Studio Yoga family to find out what we can do to make your experience here better. Thanks so much for responding! The answers were amazing, and the insights you submitted are what we’re using to make some changes for the better. […]