Join us for Yoga Mala, a sacred practice of 108 Sun Salutations in celebration of the Winter Solstice.

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The ritual of 108 sun salutations is performed four times a year with the start of each season. It is performed as

  • an offering to the universe, in gratitude for your time on earth
  • as a way of adding strength to one’s intentions for the coming season
  • As an opportunity for us to come together in dedication and celebration of those who make the world a better place
  • A way of getting together with others to express appreciation for the last 90 days.

This year’s winter solstice is December 21st at 12:11pm (EST). Yoga Mala108 will begin with a dedication at Noon.

Please allow 2.5-3 hours for completion of 108 sun salutations, including a 15 minute savasana and closing dedication. Sun Salutations can be modified for all levels.

Space is limited

Reserve your spot online by clicking here!

or call 616.209.8395.

The cost for this event is $25.