Intro Offers at The Studio Yoga

We know getting started isn’t easy. At The Studio Yoga, we want have several intro offers to make the decision as simple as possible. 

We give you several different choices that will help you try out the space, try some classes out, and start building on what you learn. 

Take a look – When you see an option that makes sense for you, click on the box to finish up!

Our normal drop-in price is $16… But if it’s your first class with us, you can try it out one time for just $5. That gives you a chance to check out the space, meet the instructor, and ask questions. If you like it, and want to try more…

Please Note: These options require you to register within our system, and you can only choose ONE.

Dip your toes in the water with this option. Choose any 5 regularly scheduled classes with this intro offer!

For just $5 more, you can get a 10 Class option. This is our most popular intro offer.

Otherwise, for that same $30 you can get 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga Classes! This is our very first Intro Offer. Try a variety of class types and times, and see what works best for you!

We know yoga isn’t for everyone, just like we know that not every yoga studio is for everyone…

These intro offers are a way we can let you experience our relaxed atmosphere, try on some poses, and spend time with some of the most amazing, welcoming instructors in West Michigan.

Another thing we do to make it simpler? We’re a smaller studio. You’ve got room here… No packing into a hot, smelly room with 50-to-75 other people, bumping elbows and feeling awkward. Every class is capped at around 20 people to give you plenty of space.


Like we tell everyone who’s trying yoga out at our studio for the first time, we have all of the equipment you need already at The Studio Yoga. No need to buy a mat, or blocks, or blankets, or whatever other props your Instructor might use during class. It’s there for you to use.

What should you bring?

You. Comfortable clothing. A desire to learn. We’ve got you covered for the rest. 


(PRO-TIP: If you’re feeling a bit peckish after class, there’s usually some Michigan salted chocolate caramels under the front desk! Tell your Instructor that, “Jared hid some chocolate under the front desk for me.” They’ll know what you mean.) 😉

For our current Clientele…