Class Packages at The Studio Yoga

Class Packages are a great balance between Memberships and convenience. They offer you the flexibility your schedule might need and are reasonably priced.

(PRO-TIP: Memberships can’t be beat for cost-effectiveness… But if the commitment or time constraints are a factor, we’re happy to meet you half-way with Class Packages!)

For a sense of scale, our normal Drop-in price for a class is $16.

We have three class packages available – 

5 Classes, with plenty of time to figure out which classes and times work for you. 😉

This is the most common class package for the more regular practitioner. Save $4 per pass off of the Drop-In price.

This is the best offer in this category. It works out to just $10 per class, and gives you 180 days to get some time on the mat.

BONUS: Every Class Pack in here starts when YOU do.

What does that mean? Simply put, the expiration date doesn’t go active until you take your first class on the package. 

Here’s another Bonus…  

Once you’ve started using the package? We’ll email you when either you’re down to your last 2 classes OR the last 2 weeks on your timer, whichever comes up first. 

We’ll also send you an early-bird offer in those emails: if you pick up another package before you’re done with the current one, we’ll take 10% off your next purchase! 

Those reminders are a LOT more helpful to our clients than we expected when we set it up… Oftentimes, “Life Happens(tm)” for everyone. After several years and thousands of students, we get it. We’re here to help.  

The early-bird reminder emails are just one of a bunch of great ways we at The Studio Yoga try and make it simpler for you to practice yoga without all the hassle. 


If you’re ready for the next level (and you want to get some great savings on classes) we ALSO have Memberships available HERE –