YOGA 101 – MOVING to April 2nd

Posted on Mar 19, 2015 in Beginner yoga, classes, news, workshops, yoga
Hi everyone, Jared here. This is about our upcoming YOGA 101 Series… 🙂



So with everything going on at The Studio – including the schedule changes this week – we didn’t give everyone enough time to sign up for YOGA 101 who is interested…

So to make it easier on everyone, we’re MOVING the start date of YOGA 101 from today toThursday April 2nd.

It’s still a 4-week series, and it will conclude on April 23rd.

Jennephyr will be there tonight at 7:30 PM to teach a beginner level class for those who didn’t get the news, and for those regular students who are still adjusting to the updated schedule.

This will give our regulars more time to adjust to the new schedule, and give some of our newest students time to get into YOGA 101.

There’s still time to join, though..!

Sign up for YOGA 101 by clicking here:

As an ADDED bonus, we’re giving away a Yoga Home Starter Kit to one of the students of YOGA 101!
Check it out!
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The Home Starter Kit Giveaway Includes –

  • 2 Medium Foam Blocks (Blocks are your friend!)
  • 1 Canvas Yoga Strap (for all those hard-to-reach poses)
  • 1 Yogitoes® Mat Towel (no-slip for good grip)

I tried figuring out the retail value of this by going to Amazon, but that was a HUGE mistake…

I mean, some of these pirates are charging $15 for a single block! So let’s say it’s worth 50 Semolians and call it good…

Not too shabby, right? 😉

Anywho… Here’s that YOGA 101 signup link again:

Join the YOGA 101 series, and you’re in the drawing… Simple as that.

For everyone else?

I can probably put something similar together for a giveaway as well, so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

As always, you can see today’s classes – and all of our other regularly scheduled classes – by heading to our Classes page:

Thanks for your understanding. Give me a call at 616-209-8395 if you have any questions or concerns…

The cheesy jokes are included in each and every call. 🙂

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

– Jared

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