Spring Schedule Changes at The Studio Yoga

Posted on Mar 11, 2015 in Beginner yoga, classes, Events, news, teachers, workshops, yoga

Here’s a short list of all the changes to the weekly schedule, starting this Sunday…



FUNDAMENTALS L2 is moving from 7:15pm to 7:30pm

This will help us bring Monday’s class more in line with our regular start times, so you can get to it easier. Thanks for letting us know!


The 6 PM class is changing to –

HEART CENTERED HATHA @ 6pm with Shelly Casper

This class will be a little less flow, and a lot more focus on improving your poses. It’s great for improving your practice while still being accessible to Beginners.

If you’ve got some time on the mat under your belt, Shelly will help you get the most out of your asanas (poses). Be sure to check it out!


The 4:30 PM class is changing to –

KIDS YOGA – A 6-Week Series with Lauren Hribek*

You’ve been asking for it, so here it is! Think of it as an after-school program that will help ease your little ones through their week.

Why should you bring them?

Simple: If they are a little more calm and centered, that’ll definitely help YOU be a little more calm and centered. Not bad, yeah?

Parents can either sit and have a cup of tea while the kids are on the mat, or they can take class with their kids.

You know, as long as your kids are cool with it. 😉

*Pre-registration required.

Tell your friends!! – Ages 5-13


 9:30am – Katie Dunlap is going to be teaching this SLOW FLOW class on a regular basis. She brings a great balance of technique and fun to this class, and will help you improve your practice at whatever level you’re at.

7:30pm – We’re bringing back YOGA 101 and shortening it to a 4 WEEK SERIES.

If you’re new to yoga YOGA 101 with Jennephyr will help you start practicing safely and effectively. It provides you with the tools and techniques you need to go confidently into regular classes.

When the 4 classes are done, she’ll point you in the right direction for the classes that will fit your new practice so you can continue challenging yourself.

Register here!



We’re taking Saturday from 3 classes to 2, so we can move a class…

First, the changes –

8:00 AMFundamentals

9:30Vinyasa Flow

The Donation Class is moving to Sunday at 7:30 PM


6 PM SLOW FLOW will stay as normal.
The Donation Class is moving to Sunday at 7:30 PM

3 PM ADVANCEDDiscontinued

We’re going to change the Advanced class to a once-a-month 90-120 minute MASTER CLASS. It will be held on the Second Sunday of each month starting in April.

We’re doing this for a few reasons, but mainly because the 3 PM Sunday class is tougher to get to for everyone. It also cuts into the middle of the proverbial ‘day of rest.’ So enjoy a lazy Sunday on us.

For those who’d still like an afternoon class?

With this change, we can spend the time making a hard-core event, and take a really in-depth look at one knockout class. It’ll definitely be challenging, and will build up one particular challenge pose or sequence.

You’ll dig it. We’ll have details in the next week or so.

As always, if there’s any questions, feel free to email us: info@thestudioyoga.com

We wouldn’t be able to improve without your feedback, and this new schedule is due to your input and suggestions. So for that we say Thanks. 🙂

See you on the mat!

 – Jared

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