Leisure South Condominiums Kentwood MI-Open House

Posted on Mar 17, 2015 in classes, Events, news, teachers, workshops, yoga

Hi everyone! We’ll be holding a special Open House for the Leisure South Condominiums Kentwood MI at The Studio Yoga on the following dates:

  • Thursday March 19th – 11AM to 1PM
  • Thursday March 26th – 11AM to 1PM

These two days will be hosted by the ever-wonderful Katie Dunlap. Jared will also be around to answer questions, pour tea, and clean up any spills he makes in the process. 🙂

Special thanks to Sara Burkholder!

And thanks to all of the good people at Leisure South Condominiums Kentwood MI and REALICO for the opportunity!

If you’d like to learn more about Leisure South (along with REALICO’s other properties), contact them at:

REALICO – Leisure South Condominiums Kentwood MI

2025 East Beltline SE, Ste. 208

Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Office: 616-942-7055

Fax: 616-957-2077

Or visit their website(s) at:


leisure south condominiums kentwood mi, leisure south condominium association, heglund sova, realico

Katie will be there to show off the space. She’ll also be answering questions.

If you’re interested in joining in the fun, she’ll also be demonstrating poses, and giving helpful hints for people getting started.

We’re looking forward to it!

Personal note:

In addition to providing this open house for Leisure South Condominiums Kentwood MI, we’re going to be holding a bunch more events throughout the year…

You can see our schedule by visiting our workshops and events calendar –


To see what classes we have for the week, visit –

Weekly schedule of Classes at The Studio Yoga

We’re happy to support our community however we can… 🙂

If you’d like to set up an event like this with us, let us know!

We can do an open house like this for you.

Or – if you have the space – we can come to your place.

If it helps out the people in our community, we’ll figure it out with you. 😉

Contact us at –

The Studio Yoga

933 52nd Street SE

Kentwood MI 49508



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