Vino and Vinyasa RETURNS! First Friday

Posted on Feb 4, 2015 in classes, Events, news, teachers, workshops, yoga
Vino and Vinyasa RETURNS! First Friday

is BACK!

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There’s plenty of research that says that red wine is good for your heart… It has something to do with reservatrol helping to lower blood pressure.

We say white wine is good for you, too… But that’s because it’s wine. 😉

Since it’s ALSO American Heart Month…

AND since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…

AND we know that yoga is great at lowering your blood pressure

We figure this is as good of an excuse as any to invite YOU to come hang out with us Friday February 6th for Vino and Vinyasa at The Studio Yoga!

“So What’s Vino and Vinyasa?”

Almost every First Friday of the month, we host a moderate 60-75 minute class. It’s a good Vinyasa Flow class and fun music.

Afterwards, we bring out some wines from places like G.B. Russo and Sons, and bring out some treats to fuel up. You also get a chance to hang out with your fellow class mates.

It’s a hit with everyone who’s attended Vino and Vinyasa so far, and if you’re new to The Studio Yoga, it’s a relaxed way to get to know your yoga teachers and fellow students.

A couple of notes –

  • 21 and up, please. This ain’t France. 😉
  • Being mindful ALSO means being responsible. We’re wine drinkers with a yoga problem, not the other way around. Please be safe on the way home from Vino and Vinyasa. We’ll have coffee and tea available just in case. 😛
  • Have fun, relax, and enjoy! 😀

Come join us and raise a glass after class!

$12 with online registration before 2/6

$14 at the door

FREE for our Unlimited Members… Because Membership really does have it’s priveleges with us. 😉

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