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First off: To see the class schedule, click this link to go to class page.

Hi all. Jared here. Bad news, good news.

Bad news: I broke the internets. The website’s menu is acting wonky, so it’s not showing up on the front page right now. I’ll fix it shortly.

Good news! When I’m done, you’ll be able to access your MindBody account from the website without having to leave thestudioyoga.com. You can check your account status, see how many classes are left on your class pack, and more…

my account, mindbody, the studio yoga

Access your MindBody profile by clicking ‘My Account’!

When you click on the ‘My Account’ button, you should see this –

mindbody, my account, the studio yoga, healcode

If you’re already registered with MindBody, just put your email address and password into the form on the left. Once that’s done, you can check your account, see your purchase and visit history, update your information, and more.

If you’re new to MindBody, click the ‘Create An Account’ button on the right, and follow the steps. MindBody takes care of the rest. ūüėČ

You can even access your account information on the Schedule page!

mindbody, my account, classes, schedule, the studio yoga

You’ll notice that the menu is a little simpler to navigate. We also added a new Yoga Workshops tab, so that you can see what’s coming up. We’re adding a lot more specialty classes, yoga workshops, and series to help you feel better.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be moving the website to a new server so that it works better and faster. I;ll let everyone know when it’s happening, as it may make the site disappear for a day or two.

Thanks for understanding. See you soon!

– Jared
(website tinkerer for The Studio Yoga)

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