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We asked…

You answered…

We listened.

We sent out hundreds of surveys to The Studio Yoga family to find out what we can do to make your experience here better. Thanks so much for responding!

The answers were amazing, and the insights you submitted are what we’re using to make some changes for the better.

1. “How many days a week do you practice yoga?”

The most common answer was “1 to 2 days a week.” That’s great, and pretty standard for most people.

The second most common answer was, “Whenever I can fit it in.” We’re keeping that in mind, and want to make it easier to fit more in. Keep reading to find out how…

2. “What days of the week do you prefer to practice at The Studio Yoga? Check all that apply.”

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday were the strongest answers, with Friday and Saturday close behind.

A surprising amount of people chose Sunday, so there will be two classes added to Sunday.

3. “What time of day do you prefer to practice yoga at The Studio Yoga? Choose all that apply.”

There was an INCREDIBLE response for the “Mid-Morning 9AM to 11AM” and “Early Evening 4PM to 6PM” time slots… So we’re adding more classes to the weekly schedule during those times.

There was also a strong interest in “Late Evening 7PM-9PM” and we have accommodated for this request in the new schedule.

Now we get to the nitty-gritty!

4. “What do you currently love about your experience at The Studio Yoga?”

– “Practices are flexible for different levels of ability.

We love being able to meet you half-way wherever you are, and we also want to make sure that you’re getting the instruction that best suits your needs.

To do that, we’ve added more classes for you to continue to grow into your practice, and so that your experience continues to be a positive and uplifting experience.

– “I love the community we have and the fun times while doing yoga. I don’t feel pressured to be the best or look the best and failure is OK as long as you give it a try!

Yoga SHOULD be for everyone, and we’re proud to be able to provide that place for you. You keep letting us know what you need in order to feel your best, and we’ll keep looking for ways to do that.

– “The small community, the spirituality, how the instructors seem to care, the local-support (donations, etc).

That’s a hallmark of The Studio Yoga, and it’s important to us that we grow that part of our community. We’ve got some new ideas we want to try to help you make a bigger contribution, and we welcome your ideas on how to do that.

There are too many wonderful, heartfelt comments in here to list, so we’ll just let you know that we love you back, and we’re happy to serve as guides on your journey.

… Truly, thank you for all the kind words and comments.

More importantly, we also wanted to know what you’d like to see change…


– “Classes available around 4:30 or 5:00, right after work.

We’re making that happen!

– “More class times offered.

Done and done.

– “More evening classes or weekend classes. I would like the opportunity to purchase multiple visits for a discount rather than pay each time.


In fact, we’re going to have new pricing on packages and memberships up on the website (just as soon as we figure out how to work that thing.)

There’s also a special offer we’re opening up as a way of saying thanks for sticking with us, and if you want to check it out, just click here.

Back to the survey…


Most everyone indicated “Extremely Likely” or “Highly Likely.

We’ll know we did a good job when everyone says “Extremely Likely.” So we’ll keep improving your experience with us to help you make that choice. Thanks so much for your wonderful answers!

With all of that in mind, here’s a NEW schedule that will make it easier for you to continue your practice.

We will be checking and testing this new schedule over the next several months. We will also be working in new class types and workshops, along with additional instructors to help you. Make sure to keep an eye on your email inbox, and be sure and like the Facebook fan page for all the latest news and upcoming deals.

We’ll keep you in the loop as new features are available, along with new classes and special series events as well.

As always, if you have any suggestions, let your instructor know… And thanks again for sharing your journey with us.

The Studio Yoga

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