An Introduction to Meditation – A Donation Class this Saturday, September 28th at Noon

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Hi everyone! Jared here…

This Saturday, we’re hosting a special class, and we need your help…

But first, a question:

Have you ever tried meditating..?

You see pictures of people on yoga blogs and stuff, looking all calm and peaceful and full of bliss… You might even think to yourself, “I WANT THAT…”

And who wouldn’t want that, right?!

To just relax…
Be at Peace…
To feel like the calm eye of the storm while everyone else seems to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

It’s what you get with a regular practice of meditation, and I can tell you from my own personal experience that IT WORKS.

Being able to take a deep breath, stop all of the chatter in your brain, and focus on what’s right in front of you has saved my bacon more times than I care to admit.

You think differently when you meditate…
You feel different…
You treat people differently.

It’s hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it, but it is really cool.

The problem is this:

If you’ve never done any meditating before, how do you get started..?

This Saturday, September 28th at Noon, you can find out…
AND help out a great local charity at the same time.

Dr Joshua B. Kretchmar – former U.S. Army Captain, Zen practitioner, and Medical Residency student at Metro Hospital – is offering 60 minutes on “An Introduction to Meditation” at The Studio Yoga this Saturday at Noon.

The physical practice of Yoga is one way to quiet the mind,
as is prayer,
or a long bike ride,
or doing volunteer work,
or listening to music,
or mowing the lawn…
Even chopping vegetables works for Jennephyr as a ‘moving’ meditation…

(Which is really cool to watch… It’s also a pretty good reason why I end up eating a lot more vegetables and a lot less hamburgers.)

I’ll let Dr. Joshua explain –

“The path of yoga is one of mindfulness, of being present in the body, in the moment. As such, all yogic practices offer asanas and meditation as part of their paths… And indeed, yoga is not the only practice that has the tradition of mindfulness cultivated through meditation.”

… And in spite of what you might have thought about meditation before, it can work for almost anyone.

And – with a good introduction and diligent practice – it can work for YOU, too.

Here’s what the Meditation class will cover –

  • An explanation of some basic techniques
  • Postures and modifications that will help you ease into meditation more effectively
  • Breathing techniques that will enhance the process
  • Why the dialogue in your head is always running (and why that’s not as weird as you might think)
  • 2 short sessions of practice meditation to help you get started, so you know what to do when you’re practicing on your own

The suggested donation is a minimum of $5, and all proceeds go to our friends at Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank.

We’d love it if you’d join us... I’ll be there, and I will try and keep the jokes to a minimum. 😉

I know this is short notice, so I’d be grateful if you’d share this page with your friends (especially if they’re feeling stressed out all the time and you think this would help them).

Get on the road to felling better throughout the day…

Plus, you get to help yourself get some zen, and help local Michiganders as well! 

Thanks for checking this out, and I really hope to see you there this Saturday.

If you’re seeing this for the first time, or have never been to the Studio before, the address is HERE:

The Studio Yoga

933 52nd Street SE
Kentwood MI 49508

Na-ma-stay classy,

– Jared (The Studio Yoga)

PS – On a sad note, Dr. Joshua is moving on to the next part of his journey soon, so you definitely want to get here and try this out before he heads back to his family in Florida.

I like and respect him immensely, he’s got a TON of experience at teaching meditation to others, and he volunteered to teach this class out of the goodness of his heart…

He’s what I like to call, “A good egg.”

PPS – No matter what’s going on in your world, and whether or not you make it this Saturday, I hope you have a great rest of the week…

If you are able to attend and we haven’t met before, introduce yourself! Jennephyr, the instructors, and ‘lil ‘ole me will do our best to make sure you’re comfortable and ready to go.


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