20 February

Flash Sale, Workshop, and Chakras

Workshops and Flash Sale and Chakras, Oh my!  Heads up! In the spirit of keeping our emails short-ish this month: there’s still a few spaces available for Rose’s Self Massage / Yoga Ball Therapy Workshop. The class starts Saturday at 1 PM! It’s only $45 ($35 for members) and includes a set of therapy balls for […]

7 February

Chakras Workshop – February 27th at 6 PM

Chakras are one of the many mysteries of yoga… What are they? What do they do? How do they work? How does understanding them help you? Chakras are major energy centers which disperse energy throughout our bodies. They are the energy centers of your body. They’re studied at length in the yogic discipline of Ayurveda. In yoga, they correspond […]

4 February

Self massage – Yoga Ball Therapy Workshop

If you’ve got aching muscles and stiff joints you want relief. In this special 2 hour workshop Rose will teach you self massage with yoga therapy balls. Click here to learn more and to reserve your space!

4 February

Vino and Vinyasa RETURNS! First Friday

Vino and Vinyasa RETURNS! First Friday

Vino and Vinyasa is back just in time for American Heart Month! Come join us for a moderate vinyasa flow, and have a glass of vino and some treats after!

4 February

Partner Yoga at The Studio Yoga!

Partner Yoga at The Studio Yoga!

This Valentine’s Day, The Studio Yoga is holding a Partner Yoga class! Click here to learn more, see our write-up in Revue, and reserve your space!

27 January


Jared here. I broke the website for a bit to fix something. In the meantime, you can access our schedule at http://thestudioyoga.com/classes/#!

7 November

November at The Studio Yoga

  As we head into the new year at The Studio Yoga, we’ve got what you need to keep calm during the hectic holiday season. Click this link to take a look at what’s going on in November!

3 October

Octoberfest Newsletter

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Hi all! The newsletter is up, but if you haven’t subscribed to our mailing list, you can take a gander by clicking here. Or, if you’d like to keep yourself in the know, you can click this link to sign up for our non-spammy, straight to the mat email list… Enjoy your October!  – The […]

18 June

I’m breaking a Good Rule by doing two things at once.

I got some really good advice from a much smarter guy than me… He said, and I quote:
“Never talk about two things at once. English is confusing enough without throwing two subjects into it.”
It’s a very simple and effective rule, which most really good things are. So it’s a bummer I have to break that rule right now, but I never break rules unless it’s for good purpose. Click here to read why.

4 June

YOGA 102: “There I go, breaking things again…” :(

So apparently I added the wrong link to Yoga 102. I typed over the link when I was putting the June Newsletter together, and it went into internet limbo. That’s what a friend of mine in Alabama calls, “Running in front of your own headlights.” 0_o The correct link to sign-up for Yoga 102 with […]